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Heat resistance patches on new Krieger trousers gain attention

Heat resistance patches on new Krieger trousers gain attention

Richard Tregoweth - Saturday, August 17, 2013

Burnt chainsaw trousers are a fairly common occurrence in tree work, especially up around the hip where the exhaust comes into contact with the fabric. The 4-way stretch material found on most of the latest trousers appears to be partiularly prone to burning.

To get around this issue the new Krieger chainsaw protective trousers from Stein feature Nomex ZMX heat resistant panels on either side of the trousers (upper hip) to cater for left and right-handed climbers.

The video below shows the Nomex material being attacked with a Butane torch and you can see for yourself how the material behaves.

Treetools has only just landed the Krieger chainsaw trousers but we have had a few pair out in the field for some months and they have stood up well to New Zealand conditions.

The Armortex 4-way stretch tear resistant material and Armortex KFM Kevlar Polymide knee panels even survive multiple 'abusive' macracarpa climbs without tearing, which is testament in itself.

Krieger trousers are also available in along-leg for taller climbers.

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