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Even more new gear on the horizon

Even more new gear on the horizon

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, June 21, 2010

The use of SRT in tree climbing is taking center stage at the moment but one of the downsides with the current SRT systems is that they are designed to go UP… and only UP! Coming down in a hurry presents a bit of a problem - apart from using the Unicender. When Rossy Ross from Pro Climb visited over the weekend to tell us about his upcoming 'Rigging with the Port-A-Wrap' workshop we got to discussing SRT - in particular, the fact that the Unicender was probably the only true ascender/descender on the market. Today, Rossy sent through information about the LineBoss, another alternative ascender/descender.

According to LineBoss marketing it is a combination ascender/descender designed for use with DdRT (Doubled Rope Technique). You can attach it mid-line like the Unicender and it automatically advances as you move along the climbing line. When loaded with body weight the LineBoss grips and locks onto the rope holding the climber in position. It has a brake release handle for smooth, controlled descents.

The Unicender is also designed for DdRT but most New Zealand climbers are using it SRT. It appears the LineBoss would be better suited to DdRT however it would be interesting to compare the two in action, side-by-side. The LineBoss looks to be quite bulky but it is hard to tell on the web.

Check out the LineBoss website by clicking on the picture below (this link doesn't work anymore - LineBoss out-of-business). The optional 'governor' shown in the picture sets the maximum speed at which the user can descend - this will be a great tool for learning about the limitations of the LineBoss.

Thanks to Rossy from Pro Climb for the lead on this story.

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