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DMM Carabiner Recall Procedure

DMM Carabiner Recall Procedure

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Product Recall Procedure for the return of potentially faulty carabiners to DMM Wales is now available on the DMM Professional website - see link here.

DMM state that approximately 120,000 carabiners may be affected by the problem (where the pusher and spring combination can displace). As of the 18th September DMM had received back 157 carabiners with displaced pushers.

Out of all the carabiners listed in the September 14, 2015 DMM Product Recall Notice Treetools has found that some 12mm C84 Steel Klettersteigs and A89 Boa 25kN may be effected locally.

A two-step process - user inspection required

The Product Recall Notice asks users to do two things: quarantine carabiners listed in the Product Recall Notice which fall within the serialisation; and then carry out the User Inspection.

Not all carabiners in the serial number range will need to be returned.

Only those without the moulding line in the pusher are to be recalled.

The problem is - the moulding line can be quite hard to spot. If you have any doubts bring the carabiner back to Treetools (we have a powerful, well-lit magnifying glass which makes things a little easier).

For New Zealand DMM customers

Once you have identified carabiners within the serialisation range and no moulding line on the pusher please print out and complete the Retailer Return Form and return it to Treetools along with the potentially faulty carabiners.

In some cases Treetools may be able to replace the items immediately but there may be some instances where there is delay with stock (dependent on numbers).

Treetools usually lands DMM product in batches and at this stage it appears most of our current stock falls outside the effected serialisation.

Hopefully not too many New Zealand customers will be effected by this recall (at least if you purchased your DMM carabiners from Treetools).

Whatever the source of your carabiner please err on the safe side and check all your DMM carabiners listed in the Product Recall Notice.

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