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DB Tree 'clip 'n climb ' rope walker specs

DB Tree 'clip 'n climb ' rope walker specs

Richard Tregoweth - Friday, April 30, 2010

Since Treetools featured a YouTube video showing the DB Tree Rope Walker system in action a couple of weeks ago we have been inundated with requests for the equipment specification.

Unfortunately, the DB Tree Rope Walker kit is not be available from Treetools as a complete set. You will need to purchase all the components and configure the system yourself. Some tree climbers have told us they have all the bits and pieces required for this SRT ascent kit already in their gear bag - they just want to know how it is all configured correctly.

So Drew has obliged: below is a diagram showing what components are needed. Not all of the parts are listed on the Treetools website yet because we are still sourcing various elements but you will get the general idea. In terms of components, all that's missing in the diagram is the Petzl Pantin strapped to the climbers foot.

Remember, do not try this SRT ascent system unless you have tree climbing experience and make sure you seek advice from more experienced climbers before you venture too high up - low and slow please!

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