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Christchurch Climbing Workshop: trial gear to make the job easier and less tiring on the body!

Christchurch Climbing Workshop: trial gear to make the job easier and less tiring on the body!

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How do aerial arborists, outside the main center, get 'hands on' experience with all the new labor-saving tree climbing equipment and techniques available today?

There is the internet of course, but somehow, that is not the same as holding the product in your hand.

Perhaps the local Stihl shop might have a small corner of climbing gear but you are hardly likely to see the new ART Snake Anchor, Pfanner Protos helmet or discuss the merits of a broken Petzl ZigZag.

There's even less of a chance of being able to talk with experienced tree climbers about the upsides and downsides of all this new equipment - what is worth investing in… and which of it is rubbish (from a climbers perspective)?

Christchurch aerial arborists Toby Chapman and Mik Winstanley understand this problem only too well… so they set about to provide a solution.

A 'Climbers Workshop' to discuss new gear and techniques is planned for Christchurch on Saturday 11 May at the Riccarton Racecourse commencing 10:00am.

Mik will demonstrate the latest in felling cut techniques and join Toby later in the day with in an update on aerial rescue.

Event co-organizer, Toby Chapman also asked Treetools for support with the gear list and invited well-known Auckland tree climbers Drew Bristow and Rossy Ross to attend.

Having used most of the Treetools equipment on a daily basis, both Drew and Rossy are in a good position to pass on valuable, practical insights, into each piece of kit on display.

As New Zealand's leading rope splicer, Drew will also discuss the latest developments in rope manufacture, with lengths of different climbing lines available for participants to trial.

Equipment is not for sale, the purpose is demonstration only - although Treetools has made available five TreeMOTION Comfort backpads for the organizers to sell to raise money for a few beers at close of play.

The entry fee of $10.00 goes towards the cost of the venue and the BBQ.

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