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Buckingham Ergovation EN ratings questioned

Buckingham Ergovation EN ratings questioned

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, February 16, 2012

Since posting the Petzl Sequoia lanyard attachment point blog earlier in the week Treetools has fielded numerous calls from Buckingham Ergovation owners telling us their harness is OK (EN 813 certified) for 'suspension' from the lower D's as we described in the Treemotion 'sit' test.

Treetools is not certain where this information came from because the Buckingham Ergovation Saddle Instructions clearly shows the lower D's on the harness are tested to EN 358 not EN 813.

The important point to note with the Buckingham EN ratings is that they are self 'tested' by the manufacturer - the testing procedure is not certified by an independent body as you might expect. When Buckingham says the harness 'conforms' to a specific CE standard they mean it was tested, within the organization, to the requirements of the that standard.

As far as we are aware the Treemotion harness is the only aerial arborist work positioning harness currently available with an independently certified EN 813 rating for the lower D's.

Buckingham Ergovation

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