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Be aware when using daisy chains for anchors or re-directs

Be aware when using daisy chains for anchors or re-directs

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Not long after ART unveiled their 'tear-a-way' Snake Anchor, thrifty aerial arborists started searching for a cheaper alternative (particularly where the Snake Anchor was used as a re-direct).

The humble rock climbing daisy chain looked to fit the bill, in that the daisy chain had tear-a-way capability and it was inexpensive to purchase.

But the daisy chain comes with a few caveats!

Rock climbing enthusiasts have long mused over the dangers of the daisy chain when used as an anchor.

Troll the web and you'll find countless climbing forum and blog discussions exposing the dangers of mis-configuring the daisy chain in anchoring scenarios where dynamic or shock load can potentially be applied.

Spend a few minutes and have a look at the Black Diamond Equipment video below - this is not a magic trick - it's for real!

Our observations suggest some tree climbers may not have taken the time to check out these warnings, perhaps intoxicated by the savings they can make over the purchase of a Snake Anchor.

As a result, the ease in which the daisy chain can be mis-configured may have been overlooked.

Please heed the warnings given by climbers in other disciplines and take note before you build the daisy chain into your climbing system.

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