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Arb Climber Issue 4 out soon!

Arb Climber Issue 4 out soon!

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, June 06, 2013

A quality trade journal acts as a barometer for the industry… and Arb Climber fits the bill admirably for arboriculture!

As with all things arb, the publication never comes out on time, but tardiness is quickly forgiven because the content always makes up for the wait.

Arb Climber Issue 4 is no exception to the rule - late again, but packed with interesting material.

Taking a lead from a previous Treetools blog on the subject Arb Climber Issue 4 focuses on the vast array of tree climbing lines currently available on the market. Publisher Ade Scott tells us over one fifth of the magazine is dedicated to tree climbing ropes.

Other topics include a comment on the Petzl ZigZag debacle, tropical canopy access and ground based rescue systems with Waldo Etherington, handling chainsaw aloft by Thomas Amorim and a review of Mechanical Prusiks with Kevin Bingham.

The book review features the ever-popular TCIA Best Practices for SRT in Arboriculture.

The digital edition of Arb Climber Issue 4 will be available first from the Arb Climber website, followed by hard-copy a week or so later.

Treetools still has Arb Climber Issue 1, 2 and 3 available in hard-copy.

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