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Zubat: same but different

Zubat: same but different

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Like all Slikys, choosing which Zubat can be a daunting task: you have four size choices for a start and each saw has its own subtle characteristics. The two most common in the range are the Zubat 270 and the bigger 330. Urban arborists prefer the 270 - its a compact saw and does not have a hook at the end of the blade like the 330.

The hook tends to widen the blade tip making it difficult to cut in close to the crotch when pruning city trees - 'stubless' being the order of the day. The handle on the 330 has a more 'ergonomic' shape with curved 'hooks' at the front and rear of the handle - the front protects your forefingers from slipping onto the blade and the rear from letting your hand slide from the handle on the pull stroke.

The 270 doesn't need this dramatic shape due to its size but feels equally as comfortable in the hand. Both saws sport the same tooth pattern and blade curve,

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