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Zane Wedding qualifies for 2011 Queensland TCC Masters

Zane Wedding qualifies for 2011 Queensland TCC Masters

Richard Tregoweth - Saturday, October 15, 2011

Climb Everything Zane Wedding has qualified for the Masters event at the Queensland TCC held today at Brennan Park in Dongaree, Queensland. According to reports coming in to Treetools, Zane placed third in the Work Climb, along with fellow kiwi (and Climb Everything compatriot) Matty Smith first in the Throwline event.

From what we understand Zane's use of the Rock Exotica Unicender is causing a few problems for the aussie TCC judges.

Anyone familiar with the Unicender will know it does not have a 'rating' as such. That's because the Unicender is designed to slip when shock loaded, making it impossible to generate enough force to 'rate' the device using traditional methods.

The Unicender has been in the tree climbing market for about three years and, as far as Treetools is aware, there are no documented issues (apart from the Rock Exotica pin-punching stuffup earlier in the year) which has turned out to be a non-event.

Perhaps this is a classic example of technology outpacing the scrutineers at tree climbing comps!

Comm'n Queensland give us a break!

Zane Wedding Unicender Zane Wedding seen here preparing the kids speedline at the NTCA Pakaraka Tree Climbers Gathering earlier in the year

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