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Yale EEE-MOR-LEE (Imori) on the way to New Zealand

Yale EEE-MOR-LEE (Imori) on the way to New Zealand

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, November 29, 2010

Back in July we blogged about Christchurch climber Adam Hartshorne and his investment in the new Yale Imori 12mm climbing line.

Almost six months later Yale Imori (pronounced EEE-MOR-LEE) is finally available to New Zealand tree climbers (apart from Adam!).

Imori comes in a very bright green/black option or fluoro orange/black. Research suggests the green/black version has proved to be the biggest seller sofar in markets around the world.

As Steve Bullman states in the June ArbTalk review, Yale Imori will appeal to climbers looking for a light weight rope with enough bulk to feel good onthe hand - loosely translated, it's easier to grip. The weight of the rope is particularly noticeable if you are using advanced hitches like Valdotain,knut, Distel etc.

Treetools will have Yale Imori in-store over the next few weeks.

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