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Yale Brace set to revolutionise the tree bracing market

Yale Brace set to revolutionise the tree bracing market

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The clever buggers at Yale Cordage came up with this one!

Yale Brace is a specially developed flat-braid rope for use as a dynamic tree brace. The correct installation of Yale Brace ensures supplemental support for 'at risk' trees. Yale Brace allows the tree to sway naturally. This helps build new tissue, strengthening the tree from within.

Unlike alternative products, Yale Brace is very easy to install. You only need a wire-basket fid, a pair of scissors, a length of Yale Brace and a chafesleeve for around the branch. It's extremely light weight, making it easier on the climber and it does not require the use of additional rubber insertsto control stretch - less to carry into the tree.

The UV stabilized fiber used in the construction of Yale Brace is designed for strength and long life in the tree. You can expect 40% increase in lifeover an equivalent polypropylene rope (when applied as a dynamic tree support).

Yale Brace is available in 2-ton, 4-ton and 8-ton options. Treetools will sell Yale Brace by the box or by the meter if you only need a shorter lengthfor a specific job.

The only additional tools required to install Yale Brace are the wire-basket fid (sold separately) and a pair of scissors.

In store January 2011 - pricing to be confirmed. Yale Brace does not require any 'extras' to make it work so pricing will be very competitive when comparedagainst similar, dynamic tree brace systems.

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