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Yale Arrow Frog debuts on New Zealand market

Yale Arrow Frog debuts on New Zealand market

Richard Tregoweth - Sunday, February 27, 2011

Following a successful launch earlier this year in Australia, Yale's new 11.7mm climbing line Arrow Frog is now available in New Zealand. Treetools regulars, Hamish Fraser and Luke Camilleri are climbing on this line and they tell us it lives up to all expectations.

The 11.7mm diameter gives Arrow Frog the 'feel' of a 13mm rope and yet it behaves like an 11mm line. You will instantly recognize Arrow Frog, by its high visibility color which is based on the deadly poisonous Arrow Frog itself.

Arrow Frog is similar in construction and diameter to Blue Tongue andPosion Ivy but according to users it behaves quite differently. Arrow Frog is bound to another winner from Yale Cordage, who, over the years have producedsome fantastic tree climbing ropes.

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