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Womens TCC results from Rick Mexted

Womens TCC results from Rick Mexted

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Just in from Rick Mexted (new President of the NZ Arboriculture Association) - the Womens National TCC results are as follows:

1) Chrissy Spence 129.56
2) Nicky Ward Allen 107.39
3) Elena O'Neill 60.33

The Aerial Rescue was particularly challenging for most of the climbers. Woody was hung up in an M-rig system, simulating an accident using the multiple attachment points on the DMM hitch climber pulley designed by the Treemagineers. He had to be successfully lifted mid-air before he could be lowered.

Chrissy was first to successfully rescue Woody. Most of those watching had no idea how she managed to lift 80 kg Woody without any apparent effort - we are not sure ourselves!

Chrissy Spence - the first to successfully rescue Woody

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