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Wolf Claws in stock

Wolf Claws in stock

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The 'turning force' experienced with traditional strap-on climbing spurs has been a concern for many years. Climbers have complained about the hard time they have keeping the spurs straight on the leg. This is largely due to the fact the steel strap is only down one side and once pressure goes on it forces the spur to rotate off the gaff pivot point. The answer, to date, is to tighten the the straps but this leads to discomfort for the climber. Another issue on traditional spurs is the pressure they exert just below the knee - the entire spur system rides off this point.

Wolf Claws weredesigned to address these two issues. The steel climbing 'harness' holding the stainless gaffs is embedded into a molded nylon shell - a kind of boot youstep into. The boot is ergonomically designed so there is almost no force on the leg. It is lined with a neoprene pad and gives full support - the snugfit ensures the force is spread over the entire surface of the leg.

Everything about the Wolf Claw is adjustable. The upper leg rest can be adjusted up or down and for small climbers, the boot liner has spacers that canbe adjusted in and out. The Wolf Claw has a three-position gaff and can be set up for pole or tree climbing. The Treetools model is set up for tree climbingbut we can supply pole gaffs if required. Check out the Wolf Claw website here.

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