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Will the Petzl ZigZag become the new company darling?

Will the Petzl ZigZag become the new company darling?

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, February 07, 2013

The soon-to-be-released Petzl ZigZag has the potential to become the climbing kit of choice for many arborists - a new company darling?

The ZigZag's 'Standardized Configuration', discussed in a previous blog post, will no doubt simplify the purchasing of carabiners and climbing lines for those companies who decide to adopt this new tool.

Simplified and streamlined aerial rescue

But, more importantly, the standardized configuration would ensure significant streamlining in aerial rescue training.

"We're a ZIgZag company" means all tree climbers in that company would be climbing on identical set-ups, including ropes and carabiners.

Aerial rescue training could target ZigZag use only.

That way, the rescuer would know exactly what climbing configuration the injured climber was on. The rescuer could be trained to specifically handle this scenario.

Knowing precisely what climbing system to expect on arrival at the victim eliminates plenty of doubt in mind of the rescuer. Presumably this would translate to a far safer and more efficient rescue.

Potentially, in the longer term at least, there would be no need for companies, using the ZigZag exclusively, to provide aerial rescue training in the multitude of other tree climbing configurations currently available on the market - simplifying and streamlining company-based aerial rescue training in the process.

For arb companies only perhaps?

However, if the Petzl ZigZag becomes a 'company tool' there is every likelihood the device would be summarily rejected by individual aerial arborists who have made their name using knot-based systems.

Being true to yourself is everything and following company mantra is to be avoided like the plague.

We are all well aware that mechanical devices, used in tree climbing today, tend to polarize climbers opinion - think the Unicender debacle at the 2012 NZ Nationals.

The difference with the Petzl ZigZag is the distinct set of benefits the device offers arb companies - so expect the rules of engagement to be slightly different this time around.

It is too early to predict exactly where the Petzl ZigZag will take the market in 2013 but this new device has certainly generated plenty of interest so far - ZigZag stock is expected late next week at Treetools.

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