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Whiptail sewn terminations pass SAI Global testing

Whiptail sewn terminations pass SAI Global testing

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, December 13, 2012

New Zealand rope stitchers Shift 2, working in collaboration with Treetools, have concluded a series of independent tests undertaken by SAI Global in Christchurch to determine the break strengths of Whiptail sewn terminations on various friction cords and lanyard ropes.

Download the full SAI results or see previous a previous blog post on the subject.

As a result of the SAI Global tensile strength tests Treetools can now offer Whiptail sewn terminations on all friction cords and loops available in store and on the Treetools website.

Shift 2 manufacturers the Whiptail friction cords and loops here in Auckland allowing significant price reductions to be passed on to our customers - in most cases about $20.00 per unit.

Sewn terminations also allow for the manufacture of even shorter eye-to-eye friction cords suitable for compact knots like the Distel on a lanyard.

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