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Which province has New Zealand's tallest tree?

Which province has New Zealand's tallest tree?

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Treetools are on the hunt for New Zealand's tallest tree - native and exotic. The measurement will be completed by climbing the tree and dropping a measure tape - as accurate as you can get - no fancy clino devices here.

The trees will be plotted by GPS and a report on the condition of each tree willbe provided to its owner. Seeds will also be gathered and replanted to offset any carbon footprint left by the climbers (and TV film crew).

If you know of a tall tree in your area please use the Treetools contact form and let us know its whereabouts.

Drew, Matt and Johno have completed a number of climbs in big trees and are the climbers on this project. Check out the pics below: note Drew's bare feetso as not to disturb the delicate shoots and plants growing on the tree at upper levels,

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