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Wellington TCC 'Unofficial' Results

Wellington TCC 'Unofficial' Results

Richard Tregoweth - Sunday, October 04, 2009

An excellent day of tree climbing in Wellington. Photos are being uploaded to Flickr now but may take a while - we will post the link once it is complete.Unofficial results are as follows:

Drew Bristow (Auckland): 152.55
Johno Smith (Auckland): 147.37
Matt Glenn (Auckland): 138.87
Jewand Ngau-Chun (Auckland): 138.81
David Stejskal (Auckland): 138.55
Clay Winter (Wellington): 134.55
James K (Wellington): 130.03
Fraser R (Wellington): 126.42
Paul S (Wellington): 118.65
Mark H (Wellington): 111.91

Congratulations to Nicky Ward-Allen for an unofficial world record (we think) in the women's footlock with a time of 14 something. (We will check withBruce Macdonald (NZAA Tree Matters Editor-in-Chief and Asplundh, New Plymouth) for actual time and post it at a later date).

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