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Web-based introduction to tree worker safety

Web-based introduction to tree worker safety

Richard Tregoweth - Friday, October 30, 2009

The classic ISA title The Art and Science of Practical Rigging by Bonelli and Lilly is now available from Treetools. The book forms part of a training module developed by the ISA and Arbormaster Training and makes excellent reading.

In developing the rigging module the ISA, in co-operation with Stihl, produced an interactive program called the Introduction to Arboriculture: Tree Worker Safety. The ability to inter-react represents a new way to teach tree worker safety and includes lessons on general safety, climbing, and rigging with knots and interactive exercises. Its available on a CD-ROM from the ISA Web Store  but you can view a free web-based version which contains all the essential elements of the CD-ROM but in an online format.

Treetools recommend the use of the online Introduction to Arboriculture:Tree Worker Safety to anyone in the tree care industry - even seasoned operators. But please remember, this interactive program cannot take the place ofqualified hands-on training from the likes of Hort Training or Wintec.

It's certainly amazing that a tool like this is available free-of-charge to anyone who chooses. Thanks ISA and Stihl.

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