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Weather bomb may dampen spirits for Auckland TCC

Weather bomb may dampen spirits for Auckland TCC

Richard Tregoweth - Friday, March 02, 2012

WeatherWatch head analyst Philip Duncan is predicting a potential 'weather bomb' to hit Auckland tomorrow morning, right about the time Auckland tree climbers commence their annual regional tree climbing competition.

Event organizer Craig Webb has told Treetools the comp will continue as planned as this point.

Craig has asked competitors to meet at Western Park in the morning - a final decision will be made then. The event will only be postponed if the weather presents a safety risk.

Treetools is providing free coffees to get the day started so if worst-comes-to-worst we can stand around in the rain enjoying a hot cup of joe and talk tree climbing.

World champion Scott Forrest is assisting with the Work Climb set-up today if you want to drop down to Western Park to say hello. Scott is not competing tomorrow (even if weather permits).

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