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Waikato/BoP TCC spot prizes

Waikato/BoP TCC spot prizes

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Treetools are providing spot prizes for the upcoming Waikato/BoP Tree Climbing Champs scheduled this weekend at Ferry Bank Park, off Grantham Street in Hamilton. Drew brought back a branded personal rope bag from the Asia/Pacific TCC and we thought it was a excellent idea so have produced a Treetools version with the event name and date printed on them as a form of memorabilia. Trango Piranha rescue knives will also be included in the sponsorship package - worth getting in the top 10!

Make sure you talk with Johno about the Thompson Unicender - and take it for a test climb. Matt will demothe new ART product and you can compare the DB Tree rope saver against other alternatives. Download the Tree Climber's Sourcebook here to see what elsewill be on display.

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