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Volcano adventurer laid low with malaria

Volcano adventurer laid low with malaria

Richard Tregoweth - Friday, October 08, 2010

Well known Auckland tree climber and Marum volcano adventurer, Johno Smith has contracted malaria while in the islands. Doctors say Johno should come right in about 3-weeks following several forms of anti-malarial drug treatment.

Malaria is transmitted by the bite from a female mosquito. The disease is apparently quite common in the outer islands of Vanuatu (unbeknownto Drew and Johno).

Johno began feeling ill about a week after his return from Ambrym island. Blood tests taken during the week confirmed his condition and he's now beingtreated by the infectious diseases unit in Auckland.

Luckily Johno is in peak physical condition so he's managing quite well - certainly sounds his usual cheery self on the phone!

Get well soon Johno - we're all thinking of you!

Johno Smith hard at it during the Brass Monkey arborcamp in June, south of Dunedin.

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