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Victorians require PPE record for Tree Climbing Comp

Victorians require PPE record for Tree Climbing Comp

Richard Tregoweth - Sunday, October 17, 2010

The 2010 Victorian Tree Climbing Championship is scheduled for this coming weekend (the same weekend as the Dunedin Labour Weekend  Arb Festival) and participants are asked, on the VTIO website , to download and complete the new Draft PPE and climbing gear inspection record prior to attending.

The "Draft PPE and climbing gear inspection record" was launched last week by VTIO.

The inclusion of the PPE record has a two-fold effect on the gear check.

One, climbers are instantly made aware of PPE record keeping and are thereby responsible for having compliant equipment before they undertake the comp gear inspection check.

And two, competition gear inspectors have a common set of guidelines to adhere to - ensuring the whole gear inspection process is far more consistent and transparent.

The VTIO PPE and climbing equipment inspection record is still in draft form but is the beginning of a standard that may get picked up by tree climbing associations outside of Victoria. This is definitely a great start!

Gear check at the 2010 Waikato Regional TCC at Hamilton Lake.

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