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Updated Hitch Climber pulley (now with ball bearings)

Updated Hitch Climber pulley (now with ball bearings)

Richard Tregoweth - Sunday, December 06, 2009

First noted by Drew Bristow in an early October Treetools blog the new version of the DMM Hitch Climber pulley (designed by the Treemagineers) is now available. Apart from the fancy new colour scheme it shares the same features as the original pulley with one exception: low friction, super smooth ball bearings.

As a slack tending pulley the Hitch Climber is second to none - right there beneath your friction hitch held tightly in place by two Ultra O's. The sheaveslarge diameter, the fairlead flares, and the proximity of the pulley to the friction hitch make the Hitch Climber pretty hard to beat - and now its evenbetter with the addition of super-smooth, low friction ball bearings on the sheave axle.

You could argue 'who cares?' but if you use the Hitch Climber and the tail of your rope to haul a Stihl MS660 into the tree this is the answer!

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