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Update to VTIO workshop downloads

Update to VTIO workshop downloads

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, July 26, 2010

Joe Harris has announced updates to the very popular VTIO workshop downloads. The PDF on Singe Rope Technique now features the RAD system.

Introduction to Redirects has been updated to include Tom Oldmeadow's in-Line Retrievable Redirect featured in a previous blog. Locally, Drew Bristow has expanded on Tom's idea by using a Ropeman as the back-up and retrieval device.

The biggest revisions have been made to the Working the Angles paper. A new appendix has graphs showing the various relationships described in the text. The graphical information is easier to digest than a mathematics equation.

We have said this before, but we'll say it again - this work by VTIO is fantastic. Download your updates today and get reading!

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