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Update on Tachyon by Drew Bristow

Update on Tachyon by Drew Bristow

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, July 06, 2009

Been using the New England Tachyon rope for a couple of weeks now and I am very impressed with it so far, the size makes it a bit comfier to use than Yale Blaze (which I normally climb on) - especially on the cold, wet days. The rope feels very soft (enabling it to be flicked off stubs etc.) yet firm when under load which may be due to the braid inside the core.

Tachyon works very well with Donaghys AP (Armour Pruss) hitch cord (in a VT configuration) and used in conjunction with a Rope Guide. The outer sheath looks like it may be susceptible to wear if not used with cambium saver, rope guide etc. but these items are commonly used these days anyway. The colour is VERY visible in the crown but it is a new rope. This rope is also very light and packs down very small - the light weight will be a definite bonus when summer returns. It will be interesting to see how this rope handles ascenders in SRT access applications. 

Report by Drew Bristow 

(Check out the photos below - note the rope system used by Drew for the installation of Cobra bracing - Rich

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