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Update on Christchurch TCC results

Update on Christchurch TCC results

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Apparently results got a little screwed up at the Christchurch TCC last Saturday - DQ'ed climbers got more points than finishing climbers! All has now been sorted and results have shifted slightly.

Updated results from Mark Roberts are as follows (see NZ Arb website for official results):

1st Matt Glen: 134.91
2nd Jewand Ngau-Chun: 128.59
3rd Drew Bristow: 128.21
4th Menno Kluiters: (sorry Menno but Mark has only given me the Auckland climbers results)
5th Johno Smith: 116.97

As it happens these results still seem a tad low - overall results for Auckland were more-or-less 160+ to qualify?

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