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Unsung NZ champion: Nicky Ward-Allen

Unsung NZ champion: Nicky Ward-Allen

Richard Tregoweth - Saturday, February 25, 2012

Go out and buy a copy of today's Weekend Herald.

Biff the paper but keep the Canvas Magazine and turn to page 7 and there she is: Nicky Ward-Allen, an unsung champion to mainstream readers but definitely a hero to every tree climber.

Nicky is well known, worldwide in tree circles, mostly for her record-breaking foot lock. What is less well known perhaps is all the great work Nicky does behind the scenes in helping tree climbing (and other tree climbers) in New Zealand.

The Taranaki Open would not exist without her input but it is the selfless promotion of other tree climbers Nicky should be congratulated for. Working on behalf of others without any expectation for public gratitude or recognition is an admirable trait - good on you Nicky - we are all proud of you!

It's great to see mainstream media paying attention to our tree climbers - more to come we hope.

Nicky Ward-Allen

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