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Unofficial results from the 2010 ITCC in Chicago

Unofficial results from the 2010 ITCC in Chicago

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Congratulations to Mark Chisholm (New Jersey Chapter) and Jo Hedger (UK Chapter)! The level of competition looks to have been very high for 2010 and the weather and event postponement would have tested all the climbers.


Footlock - 1st Nicky Ward-Allen with new wr 13.26 s. 2nd Jo Hedger, 3rd Anya Ernie
Belayed Speed - 1st Anya Ernie, 2nd Kiah Martin, 3rd Krista Strating
Rescue - 1st Jo Hedger, 2nd Chrissy Spence, 3rd Ann Koenig
Throwline - 1st Krista Strating, 2nd Christine Meyers, 3rd Christine Salzburger
Workclimb - 1st Chrissy Spence, 2nd Nicky Ward-Allen, 3rd Veronika Ericsson

Footlock - 1st James Kilpatrick, 2nd Mark Chisholm, 3rd Johan Gustavsson.
Belayed Speed - 1st Jared Abrojena, 2nd Mark Chisholm, 3rd Daniel Stevens
Rescue - 1st Mark Chisholm, 2nd Beddes Strasser, 3rd Luke Glines
Throwline - 1st Jared A, 2nd Nathaniel Gros, 3rd Richard Denbeau
Work climb - 1st James Kilpatrick, 2nd Cormac Nagan, 3rd  Johan Gustavsson.

Head-to-head footlock: Nicky and Johan

Master's Women: 3rd Kiah Martin, 2nd Chrissy Spence, 1st Jo Hedger
Master's Men: 4th Johan Gustavsson, 3rd James Kilpatrick, 2nd Jared
Abrojena, 1st Mark Chisholm

Remember, these are unofficial results as we understand it. More information is available on the NZAA website.

Official results now available on the ITCC website.

Chrissy Spence at the 2010 ITCC Chicago, Sunday 25 July

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