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Unicenders now in stock

Unicenders now in stock

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Thompson Unicenders are finally in stock! The next question is: what's the price? Well, its pretty much as predicted - in fact if you do the conversion Treetools will sell them slightly less than the equivalent price in the USA. Currently the Unicender sells in the US for US$450 which converts to NZ$657 plus GST making the unit NZ$739 incl GST.

Treetools will sell the Unicender for $720 including GST. Given the Unicender eliminates the need for other climbing hardware it could be considered a bargain! 

We are hoping Johno Smiith, winner of the '09 Auckland Regional TCC and resident NZ expert on the Unicender will run a 'Bike Tubesand Beer' evening showing just how versatile the Unicender really is. The 'bike tubes' relates to one of the mods Johno has developed and beer doesn'tneed any explanation! We'll keep you posted.

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