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Unicender demo

Unicender demo

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Since posting the blog on July 10 about the Thompson Unicender  Treetools has been inundated with requests from climbers wanting to view the product and, if possible, have a play with one. According to Morgan Thompson, working arborist and designer of the Unicender, demand for the product has been so great they have not been able to keep up demand - consequently none are available for retail (although they are listed on some overseas arb sites).

Thankfully, Treetools has managed to lay their hands on a sample Unicender direct from Morgan and we will be able to show the product at our upcoming 'Demo Days' scheduled to coincide with the Regional Tree Climbing Championships (first Demo Day September 19 in Hamilton - all going to plan). Climbers will be able to give the Unicender a workout.

Drew Bristow, Johno Smith and Matt Glen will be trialing the Treetools Unicender over the next few weeks. Talk to them if you want any 'inside' information. The only other climber we are aware of who has experienced the Unicender is Russel, lead aborist with Cornwall Park in Auckland - he's worth talking to as well.

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