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Treetools web traffic overloads current servers

Treetools web traffic overloads current servers

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, February 17, 2011

We are not keen on blowing our own trumpet but we have to mention this one!

Treetools has been completely overwhelmed by its own web traffic, mainly via the blog but also for the product pages. When we first built the system wedid not anticipate quite this volume of traffic.

Our current servers are not coping well so we plan to upgrade the system over this coming weekend. The Treetools website might be completely down or runslow over the next few days, particularly early on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

At 3am Sunday 20 February web traffic will be redirected to a landing page advising an upgrade in in progress - hopefully Treetools will be back functioningproperly by early next week.

Once the migration to the new servers is complete we expect to have an even faster and more robust website.

Thanks for all the tree climbing traffic - we are flattered by all this attention!

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