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Treetools to stock Portable Winch

Treetools to stock Portable Winch

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, August 03, 2009

Treetools had a customer in the other day who had their chipper bogged down in an urban park - and they spent over 6 hours hauling it out! A Portable Winch would have made the job a whole lot easier - and 10 times quicker.

We've seen one of these winches in action and the 2272 kg (5000 lb) pulling power with a block is impressive - single line pull is 1136 kg (2500 lb). The Canadian built Portable Winch is powered by a reliable 4-stroke, GXH-50cc Honda motor and only weighs in at 15 kg. There are various capstan sizes available and loads of accessories including an indispensable 'nose cone' for log skidding.

Check out the video showing various applications. Treetools will have a couple of demonstration units in the next few weeks - contact us if you want to try out the Portable Winch.

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