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Treetools Blog re-ignites passion for photography

Treetools Blog re-ignites passion for photography

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, June 27, 2011

Wellington-born Rob Fisher (now resident in Australia) read a recent Treetools blog about tree climbing photography and this changed his life forever (kind of).

Early in his career, Rob developed a passion for photography. He worked as a photographers assistant for six years, but with a wife and kids in his life he turned to arboriculture in order to feed his family. The camera was locked away in the drawer.

That is, until he read the Treetools Blog (we're guiding the Lilly a little here but that's the general idea).

Rob tossed in tree climbing, dragged out the camera and started shooting again. Rob's recently launched website shows off some of his photography - still working in trees - but with a camera instead of a chainsaw.

Looks like Rob made the right decision.

No doubt Rob will be a contender in the 2011 Treephoto Competition organized by Into Trees and Mt Arborist.

The 2011 Treephoto Competition is sponsored by Treetools, ATRAES (Australia), Freeworker (Germany) and ART (Germany).

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