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Treescape 'Joe public' arb education on YouTube

Treescape 'Joe public' arb education on YouTube

Richard Tregoweth - Friday, September 24, 2010

Matt.e and Rossy Ross (Pro Climb) alluded to educating 'Joe public' about tree care in a previous blog following Kal Hubay 's "Open Letter to the Arb Industry".

The major industry players like Treescape are already doing their bit to educate the public about professional tree care. Have a look at the video below featuring Treescape's Martin Herbert and Jawand Ngau Chun (2010 Auckland TCC champ).

Of course, you could argue, its not possible for a small operator to get this sophisticated but it is amazing what can be done today with a relatively inexpensive video camera, imagination and a little bit of effort.

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