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Treemagineers pulleySAVER grabbing the limelight

Treemagineers pulleySAVER grabbing the limelight

Richard Tregoweth - Sunday, April 10, 2011

The long awaited EN 795B, soft-eye pulleySAVER from the Treemagineers is now available in New Zealand. Treetools has the pulleySAVER in two lengths: 1250mm and 2500mm and there is a 4m version available by special request.

There are already many copies of the soft-eye rope saver concept out in the market but the Treemagineers version is by far the best yet. 

The differences are subtle. The pulleySAVER is a combination of very small improvements over other soft and hard eye savers which combine together to make the ultimate rope/pulley-based saver.

Central to the system is the 50 kN DMM Pinto Rig which is already proving to be one of the most versatile (and popular) pulleys on the market.

Its rounded edges make the Rig very easy to retrieve and the larger diameter sheave running on super smooth bearings makes for a very energy efficient climb.

Another feature of the new pulleySAVER is the red retrieval snap. The climbing line needs to be 'twisted' into the wire gate before the snap behaves correctly making it virtually impossible for your rope to accidentally make its way out of the gate.

As with all Treemagineers products there are multiple ways to configure the pulleySAVER: double strand swinging, wrapped and constricted along with a choked option where the Pinto is deliberately choked through the soft eye… but its still retrievable from the ground.

The Treemagineers pulleySAVER is also fully rated to EN 795B and is ANSI Z133.1 compliant making it suitable for arb company applications - a hard combination to beat!

For more information click on the picture above to download the Treemagineers pulleySAVER brochure

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