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Treemagineers arb gear is for pussies only!

Treemagineers arb gear is for pussies only!

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Yeah, that headline got you interested! All jokes aside, gear designed by the Treemgaineers and manufactured by DMM in Wales and Teufelberger in Austria comes under some flak for not being 'real' arborist equipment - that is, it is for competition climbers only and cannot be used realistically in everyday tree work. (Yes, its hard to believe when you consider the new DMM/Treemagineers Impact Blocks)

Have a look at the latest video by Taylor Hamel showing the dismantle of a dead oak - it might finally put the above argument to rest.

Taylor utilizes an extravaganza of Treemagineers equipment (hardware and rope tools) and Treemagineers inspired climbing and rigging configurations - looks like 'real' arborist work to us!

Thanks to Rossy Ross from Pro Climb for this lead.

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