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Tree rigging requires team approach

Tree rigging requires team approach

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The professional pit crew for a racing car driver is a pleasure to watch. Technicians works in sync with each other, well aware of the important role they each play in ensuring the car is back on the track, efficiency and safely.

The concept of teamwork is the same in tree work. Climbers and groundsstaff must work in unison if the job is to be completed efficiently and safely (and on budget).

There is no point in having only one member of the crew capable of rigging down a tree.

More often than not, the most experienced person on the job is also the climber. In many instances the climber is 30-40 meters up a tree, well away fromthe grounds staff.

In this situation, giving clear directions can be difficult and instructions can easily be 'lost in translation' wasting time and money.

Now that Pro Climb are offering regular rigging workshops and training sessions throughout the country, thereis ample opportunity to upskill ground staff so that the job can be completed on time and on budget - without any damage to the customers property.

As part of the ITCC celebrations in Australia next year, there is a 'world' arbor camp planned which features a tree take-down contest.

Apparently, the rigging contest will be almost head-to-head and the job could be complicated, requiring a high degree of rigging and rope management skill - this contest would be an excellent opportunity to showcase kiwi team work in action!

Auckland arborist company, Baker Trees demonstrates the power of good team work while rigging down a large gum with the GRCS.

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