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Tree identification system that grows with the tree

Tree identification system that grows with the tree

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"It's the one down by the creek, just past the trough on the right about 200 yards from the other funny shaped tree - make sure you cut the right one because there are a couple that look the same!"

Yes, it can be a daunting task knowing exactly which tree is the one that needs attention, particularly where there are large numbers of trees spread over a wide area eg a golf course.

The GPS has helped but the tree still needs to the plotted and recorded. And the arborist needs to be carrying a GPS receiver in order to find the righttree.

Another far simpler method, which often works in conjunction with GPS as a cross reference, is the application of permanent numbered identification tothe tree itself.

Arbotag by Signumat is the world leader in this type of tree numbering/identification system. The Arbortag numbers are applied to the tree using a speciallydeveloped magnetic-head hammer. The tags are made from heavy duty plastic with a star-shaped cut out for the nail, which expands as the trunk grows.

Treetools has had numerous requests for this type of system for managing tree stock on large properties and urban streets - Arbotag might just be theanswer. We will have a sample of the Arbotag tree numbering system in store by month end.

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