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Tree climbing photographs - great for ideas!

Tree climbing photographs - great for ideas!

Richard Tregoweth - Friday, May 06, 2011

Treetools takes a lot of photographs at tree climbing events around the country and regular blog readers really appreciate these photographic records, particularly if they were not able to attend the specific event.

Another benefit of tree climbing photographs is that they also allow the viewer to carefully study a particular climbers gear configuration. 

Have a look at the professional photographs taken by Karl Pearce Photography atthe WA-TCC last weekend. Set the viewer to 'slide show' and you'll get a taste of what we mean (not that the aussies have any gear or configurations worthpinching - just joking - coooeeee!).

All jokes aside, if you're looking for ideas this is a good place to start.

Thanks to Karl Pearce Photography for the excellent pics!

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