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Tree climbing in Cornwall Park this Sunday

Tree climbing in Cornwall Park this Sunday

Richard Tregoweth - Friday, April 16, 2010

Schedule Sunday afternoon 18 April for the Open Masters Challenge in Cornwall Park. Take the entrance off Greenlane West into the Cornwall Park Cricket Club car park or you can enter via the main park entrance off Greenlane West. The climbing trees are in the paddock East of the car park over the stile (if you enter from the Cricket Club).

Matt Glen set up the climb during the week and says it can be completed in about 25 minutes.Unfortunately he will not be able to attend the event so DB Tree team members, Drew Bristow and Johno Smith will organize the climb on the day.

Treetools have loaned a length of Globe 5000 for climbers totrial. Nicky Ward-Allen recently broke the women's world footlock record using such a rope.

The Open Masters is pretty relaxed as far as tree climbing comps go - that's why these events have been so popular with Auckland and Waikato climbers.Members of the public and all those interested in tree climbing are welcome to attend - its not just for climbers.

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