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Tree climbing entrepreneurs - and this is only the beginning!

Tree climbing entrepreneurs - and this is only the beginning!

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Harrison Rockets, DB Tree, Climb Every Thing, Pro Climb, Kiwi Klimbers, the Northland Tree Climbers Association, the Agathis Fund and the Scott Forrest Legends Foundation are all examples of kiwi (tree climbing) entrepreneurial spirit.

Many of these entities are only a few years years old, but they already play a major role in the kiwi tree climbing scene.

And now, there is another enterprise to add to the list: Rakau New Zealand headed by Joe Cooper of NTCA fame.

The objective of Rakau is to market high quality apparel with a distinctive maori/kiwi/downunder flavor, at an affordable price - so its bound to be a success.

Starting with Rakau-designed and branded tee shirts Joe plans to expand into other functional, arb specific clothing.

The Scott Forrest Legends Foundation will have a suitably designed tee shirt available soon and the proceeds will go directly to the foundation. The same applies to the NTCA Agathis Fund.

The Rakau website is still partially under construction but you'll get the idea when you visit. As the product develops customers will be able to upload their own designs for printing, one-off if required.

Rakau can also handle the management and production of company branded apparel. Shirts are made to order so there is no need to manage stock, sizes etc.

With the amount of interest New Zealand tree climbing is receiving worldwide Treetools is certain international sales will represent a large portion of Rakau's business.

Expect to see plenty of the Rakau designed 'arb' shirts in Portland!

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