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Tree climbing boots - another option already superceded

Tree climbing boots - another option already superceded

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, August 25, 2011

"Which boots are best?" is a common question asked by tree climbers. The most popular tree climbing boot to date is the Scarpa Pro Ascent. But this boot may have reached its peak in popularity with tree climbers.

The Pro Ascent was originally designed as a mountain approach boot which just happened to be ideal for tree climbing. The 'tree climbing' Pro Ascent is an old model and not part of Scarpa's current range of boots. Limited numbers of the tree climbing Pro Ascent are manufactured each year to satisfy market demands.

Alternative tree climbing boots have come and gone but nothing seems to match the Pro Ascent - until now.

Salewa, a relatively unknown brand (in the tree climbing world at least), has managed to stumble upon the right formula for a tree climbing boot. Like the Pro Ascent before it, the Salewa MTN Trainer Mid was primarily designed for mountain approach and it to, is now a superseded model (limited numbers of the MTN Trainer Mid are still available if you know where to look).

Apart from the obvious requirements like durability, comfort, lightness etc the Salewa boot also has a relatively unique feature. The toe portion of the Vibram Mulaz sole, or 'climb zone', is made from a special tactile rubber for extra grip when climbing. And it is gentle on the cambium.

The lacing system also ticks all the boxes for tree climbers - absolutely no metal eyelets or hooks. The lack of steel speed lacers can also be a weak point of course. The main lacing tab takes the most pressure but you can expect at least 12 months of serious lacing before the webbing starts to wear out (and it is easily replaced).

Available in mens (9-13) and womens (4-8) sizes, a limited number of the Salewa MTN Trainer Mid tree climbing boots will be available from Treetools early next month.

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