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Tree climbers' crisis fund proposed by NTCA

Tree climbers' crisis fund proposed by NTCA

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Founding directors of the Northland Tree Climbers Association, Joe Cooper and Troy Alderton have announced a proposal to establish the Agathis Tree Climbers Crisis Fund - a financial support mechanism for tree climbers in need.

Tree climbers tend to be young people, physically in the prime of their lives. However, on the financial front things might not be so rosy. If an accident should occur, the climber and their family may experience a financial burden they had not planned for. That’s where the Agathis Fund comes in.

Income to the fund will be generated through the sale of a special ‘tool lanyard’ made by Aspiring Enterprises in Christchurch. The distinctive purple webbing ‘bungee’ lanyard will be available through retail outlets currently supplying the tree climbing market.

The Agathis Fund will also seek bequests and generate additional income from climbing events and fundraisers.

Plans are still in the early development stage but expect to hear more about this fund in the near future.

This is a fantastic initiative led by the Northland Tree Climbers Association. Joe and Troy, Treetools are behind you all the way on this one!

Note: The NTCA is Northland based but any New Zealand tree climber in need would have access to the Agathis Fund.

Agathis Australis or Kauri (on which the name of the fund is based). Photo kindly supplied by Greg Parker

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