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Tree cilmbers - Dunedin is the place to be Labour Weekend '10

Tree cilmbers - Dunedin is the place to be Labour Weekend '10

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hot on the heels of the successful Brass Monkey Arbor Camp held recently, Dunedin is to host another tree climbing event later in the year. Set aside Labour Weekend now! Search out the best flights and get them booked!

Jerry Lynch, convener of the weekends activities has a big few days (and nights) planned. It will get underway on Saturday 23 October with the second annual Dunedin Tree Climbing Exhibition Competition. The exhibition is not part of the National TCC circuit and was originally initiated to provide Otago Polytechnic arb students with an opportunity to try competitive tree climbing. In the process this event has raised the awareness of tree climbing down south.

Saturday evening is the inaugural Arborists Ball… yes ball! The southerners are past saussies and a beer - this is the real deal.

This 'big night out' will be followed up on Sunday 24 October with a Splicing Workshop at Otago Polytechnic. Various rope and splicing experts from around New Zealand and Australia will be on hand to share their knowledge, ideas and techniques. Participants can get involved with splicing friction hitches, lanyards and climbing lines and have their handiwork tested on the Denniston machine at the Polytechnic. If you are already splicing your own climbing gear bring samples along to see how they rate.

It is hoped a benchmark for splicing may be formulated during this workshop leading on to a set of standards or qualifications. Some form of standard or benchmark might help with the current splicing debate.

This is a very important workshop for tree climbers. Numbers will be limited - make sure you book early.

Word has it, a number of international tree climbers may be attending the Dunedin weekend to offer support in the Exhibition Competition and the Splicing Workshop. If you are at interested in tree climbing - this is your weekend! Flyer and more details will be available soon on the NZAA website and in the next edition of Tree Matters.

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