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Tree Austria 3.1: evolution never stops!

Tree Austria 3.1: evolution never stops!

Richard Tregoweth - Friday, January 27, 2012

The Franz Kreuzeder designed Tree Austria harness was one of the first ultra lightweight European aerial arborist harnesses available.

Currently there are three versions of the harness on the market. The Tree Austria I (Duo) and Tree Austria II will remain in the model lineup and version three is now upgraded to 3.1

The latest edition 'Austria' incorporates a pair of removable lateral shackles, connecting the waist to the leg loops, similar to those used on the Komet harnesses.

These 22kN stainless shackles allow for easy removal of the bridge; a vital feature omitted in previous Tree Austria models.

Competing against the Treemotion was always going to be a hard act to follow but the Drayer/Haberkron team, co-producers of the Tree Austria series, seem to have some of the right ingredients in the 3.1.

The new harness is modular in concept following the lead from the Buckingham Ergovation.

There are two seat sizes and two styles of chest harness dependent on the load you wish to carry. The seats are the same as the originals but the 3.1 harness requires the installation of an additional pair of seat pad clips which are connected via the lateral shackles.

The 3.1 has a central attachment point for your chainsaw and large side D-rings as per the original models.

The fabric used in the construction of the 3.1 harness is 'breathable' to help reduce sweating, thereby ensuring greater climber comfort.

The stitched webbing bridge is available in four different lengths depending on how you like to run your system. The webbing bridge is field replaceable but most climbers find webbing bridges as not as versatile as rope versions (like that found on the Treemotion).

Unlike the one-size-fits-all Treemotion there are three different sizes in the Tree Austria 3.1 range; small 77-105 cms, medium 87-115 cms and large 95-125 cms. The larger size option may be a real bonus for bigger boned climbers!

You can attach your positioning lanyard directly to the lateral shackles via a short eye-to-eye webbing sling sold separately. This sling retains the lanyard connectors in the correct orientation but this method of attachment might be a bit fiddly for some climbers.

Treetools should have the new Tree Austria 3.1 harness in stock by the end of February when all will be revealed.

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