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The secret to treeMOTION longevity revealed by Mark Bridge

The secret to treeMOTION longevity revealed by Mark Bridge

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, December 20, 2011

For the second year in a row, the treeMOTION is the most popular tree climbing harness sold by Treetools. In an effort to knock the treeMOTION off its perch, competitors have fueled the notion the harness might be too lightweight and not capable of standing up to the rigors of tree work but… history has proved them wrong!

Nowadays harness manufacturers, both would-be and actual, are clambering to find out exactly what makes the treeMOTION so robust.

ecently on TreeBuzz, Treemagineer Mark Bridge revealed a long-held company secret regarding the treeMOTION.

"The manufacturers of the harness (Teufelberger) have finally allowed me to disclose for the first time in public what the base material of the treeMOTION is made of.

It is in fact made of the hide of the exceedingly rare and rather vicious hippogriff.

Today these can only be found in a remote part of eastern Rumania in the foothills of the Carpathians, where for many centuries the Comaneci-Georghiou family have bred them for their hides, as well as for substances made from their apocrine sweat glands used in the preparation of traditional Ayurvedic medicines.

In the middle ages hippogriff hides were used when manufacturing suits of armor for the under armor garment, being amazingly tough in relation to their weight, on a par with modern high-tech fibers such as Kevlar.

For many years this traditional material was forgotten, but has in recent years experienced a resurgence in a range of uses, for example for the airbags in the Rumanian-built Renault-owned Dacia cars, bullet proof vests for the Rumanian SWAT teams etc.

For us (the Treemagineers) this material seemed an obvious choice (for the treeMOTION), but be warned, it is fiendishly hard to get hold of.

There, now you know, but keep it to yourselves!


We know Mark's comments sound like the makings of a Tui advertisement but apparently the story is true!

HippogriffThe Eastern Romanian hippogriff in full flight - a rare sight indeed!

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