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Training shortfall with Treemagineers products

Training shortfall with Treemagineers products

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Over the last few years, the influence of the Treemagineers has caused a minor revolution in the world of tree climbing. Their products have also had a major influence on the New Zealand tree climbing scene (as noted in a pre-Christmas blog.)

European tree climbers have the luxury of access to the Treemagineers (Chris Cowell, Mark Bridge and Bernd Strasser) for product training and workshops. In Europe, sales of Treemagineers product noticeably increase following every workshop or training session undertaken by the innovative trio.

In this part of the world we have to resort to a 'learn as you go' model in terms of product training. This is unfortunate because there are products in the Treemagineers range that offer solutions to problems not yet even thought of by some climbers!

A case in point is the Sirius MultiSLING . Yes, the MultiSLING information brochure has photographs showing limited product usage. However, the real value of these products lies in subtle applications. These subtleties are best explained in the workshop environment.

Have a look at the video below by US-based arborist Taylor Hamel showing various MultiSLING configurations (not in the official brochure) - makes for interesting viewing.

Word has it, New Zealand No:1 (in the NZAA Top 20 ) Scott Forrest and Drew Bristow will show off some of these Treemagineers-inspired tricks in an informal 'workshop' at the NTCA Pakaraka
Tree Climbers Gathering this weekend - here's hoping!

One proviso on Taylor's video: prepare the temporary Revolver-based rope saver before you enter the tree (as Taylor has done). The tight eye on the MultiSLING is VERY TIGHT! From our experience it takes some 'gentle persuasion' to get the Revolver through the eye.

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