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Training aids for tree climbers

Training aids for tree climbers

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, August 30, 2012

First it was one-on-one communication using the A-Kabel ArborCom Bluetooth headsets to assist trainers. These unique headsets offer crystal clear ground-to-climber communication for up to 200m, hands free and in full Duplex.

Rather than yelling at the trainee from the ground, a trainer can talk quietly through the situation. Duplex means you can talk over the trainee if required (or they could be muted out altogether).

Another new training aid to the market is the handy set of color-coded carabiners from DMM.

Ideal for component identification from a distance (as in the training environment) the DMM color-coded multi-pack is available in Boa 30kN, DMM Shadow, DMM Ultra O with Locksafe and screwgate barrels.

The DMM multi-pack will also work for companies wanting to identify team equipment or individual climbers wanting a simple, convenient method for identifying system components.

DMM Boa, Shadow and Ultra O are the biggest selling carabiner styles (through Treetools) so this combination of hardware should cover all climber contingencies.

Each carabiner is uniquely marked and certified to EN362:2004/B and feature DMM's keylock nose for snag free connection. And, hot forged in Wales of course!

The DMM color-coded multi-packs will be available mid September.

DMM Carabiner Color Paks

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